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See also Rom Hacks.


A seed identification tool. It is a web page that you can visit, toggle in the locations of some viruses on a board you are currently playing, and learn the exact seed used to generate that board and what the associated pill sequence is.
A ROM identification tool. This web page allows you to upload your ROM (locally) and see if it matches a known variant. This is used for checking viability of ROM patches since each one is specific to a particular ROM.
Bo Krif Ulse
A maneuver trainer. It is a Lua script for fceux. It lets you play a custom scenario: you can choose what the game board looks like (where all the viruses pill halves are) and what pill to control, and practice placing that pill on that board over and over. It comes with some example maneuvers to practice and instructions on creating your own. See the creator testing it and dmhero using it to set up a 6x6 single-color clear for examples.
If you want to organize a seeded race, you have to pick a seed. This link will give you one.
Networked multiplayer. It is a Lua script for fceux. It lets you either host a multiplayer game, or connect to somebody else on the Internet who is also running the script and hosting, to play the vs. mode with them. See also for user-friendly installation instructions.
DM Glampers
If you want to run a tournament or a single-player-mode Dr. Mario race, sometimes you have an amount of time you want each game to take, and need to choose a level range that takes approximately that long. This tool can perform that calculation for you.
Dr. Mario ngrams
This is an exact implementation of the NES' pill generation RNG, plus a thin wrapper on top to generate some statistics and visualizations of the sequences. It can be used to generate diagrams showing how likely 1-, 2-, or 3-long pill sequences are compared to how likely they should be if the RNG were truly uniformly random. The linked directory also contains the diagrams and sequences produced by the program, so that non-experts can simply peruse the visualizations or do their own analyses.
DM Effects
This is a Crowd Control-like mod to (single-player) Dr. Mario. It is a Lua script for fceux. It randomly selects challenge modes to force on you, including things like swapping control buttons, eliminating or requiring combos, hiding the next pill, and so on.
an AI
This is a Dr. Mario AI. It cheats a little bit: it doesn't actually move the pills, just magically modifies memory for them to be in the right place. But working out where to put the pills is the hard part anyway; actually working out how to get them there is fairly straightforward, so it's addressed the interesting part.

Clones or homages

  • [1] A javascript reimplementation. It sports faithful level and pill generation and movement mechanics, but is still a work-in-progress. Use WASD for directions, JK for rotations.
  • [2] An elm implementation, with related mechanics but that differs in many details. Features an AI to play against in 2-player mode.
  • Moving Day A Dreamcast implementation that aims to be as accurate to the original NES version as possible. Features multiplayer up to 8 players. There's also a Tetris Concept thread about it.


Recommended timers
urn if you need native Linux support
A way to play Dr. Mario Online RX (the Wii release) with other people over the Internet. You must patch your copy of the game following the instructions at that site. It can also be made to work with dolphin.
This is a ROM patcher for the SNES version of the game. It lets you pick a specific seed, and modify a ROM to always start from that seed. For example, if you wanted to race somebody else, and be sure you both got the same virus layout and pill sequence, you could pick a random number and use this to get a fair comparison. It is now deprecated; instead, use the ROM hack that lets you choose the seed in-game.
If you want to organize a seeded race, you have to pick a seed. This link will give you one suitable for the SNES preseed tool liked above.
MC Mario
This is a rating system for Dr. Mario 2-player mode. It is implemented as a web server; players visit the server to record the outcomes of games and request handicap suggestions for future games. The basic flow is to enter the two players (either by clicking on them or typing in the free-form text box), set the handicap (or accept the one suggested for you by the ratings system), play your best-of-five match, then click the winner. There is no authentication at the moment, so for now it is most suitable for local usage.