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Seed+speed mod
This patch supersedes the Seed mod and Speed display mod described below, providing the features of both with a slightly more polished UI and adding an ULT speed that is slightly faster than HI speed. However, the music selection is disabled (replaced with seed selection) and defaults to OFF. If you still want to select the music and want to choose seeds, it's recommended to use the Seed mod below.
Seed mod
This is a patch that can be applied to the Dr. Mario ROM. It lets you choose a seed when playing in single-player mode, and shows the seed while playing. To set the seed, press "down" from the music selection to activate the seed selection. Left and right adjust a single digit at a time; select advances through the digits.
Level cap mod
This patch removes the level-24 cap, letting you play later levels. They are still clones of level 20, of course, but at least you get to count how high you've wrecked the game!
Speed display mod
This patch shows the combined speed instead of only the coarse speed (as described in Gravity).
This patch modifies the random number generator to use the SNES version's RNG instead. The level generation and pill generation algorithms are not modified, but their source of randomness is improved.
Self-garbage mod and Combo rollback mod
Don't make combos, or you'll get trash just like in 2-player mode or have to try that pill over, respectively!
Combo-only mod
Don't not make combos, or the level will reset! You have to eventually drop a single pill that clears the whole level. The number of viruses starts at 2 and increases by only 1 per level.
Dr. Mario Turbo
This patch does a bunch of stuff designed to make the game a bit faster-paced:
  • Double drop time speed for settling pills and garbage.
  • Hard drops: hit up to immediately lock a pill directly below its current position.
  • SNES-style RNG: more doubles, less droughts.
  • In versus mode, combo chains do not all drop garbage in the same place.
This is not compatible with Rev A, Rev 1, or Beta, but should be compatible with the online-multiplayer Lua script dmvs from the Tools page.
Versus Trainer v1 and Versus Trainer v2
Practice 2p mode against a virtual opponent. Set the rate at which the virtual opponent sends trash and clears viruses by selecting the 2p level; it will start with the same number of viruses as you. Sending combos sets the virtual opponent's timers back a little bit, effectively delaying them.


Statistics mod
This patch adds an in-game timer, and breaks time spent down into five categories. The categories are labeled T for Throw, which increments as the pill is animated entering the bottle; D for Drop, which increments while the player is controlling the pill; L for Land, which increments while the pill displays a locking animation at the end of the player control phase; C for Clear, which increments as viruses and capsules are animated disappearing from the board, and F for Fall, which increments while leftover capsule fragments descend the bottle.
Seed+Stats mod
This lets you choose a seed when playing in single-player mode, and shows the seed (albeit in a slightly different format) while playing. It also modifies the random pill generation to be completely determined by the seed.